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Optimal Nutrition Test for Women's Wellness

Optimal Nutrition Test for Women's Wellness

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For peri-menopausal and menopausal women, maintaining optimum levels of nutrients in the body can reduce symptoms and promote a healthy midlife journey. PhenomX is working with Biostarks to offer you an easy, at home test to evaluate and regularly monitor your micronutrient status.

  • What is included

    • 34 Biomarker specific nutrition
    • Free Delivery
    • Sample collection kit
    • Full laboratory analysis
    • Actionable recommendations
  • What to expect after your test

    Your results are delivered directly on a secure online platform accessible through your  Biostarks account, in the form of actionable and easy-to-understand nutritional recommendations. You receive a

    • Results map with further understanding of each micronutrient.
    • Nutrition score to understand how it all adds up!
    • Graph of your results to help you compare to normal ranges and monitor the effect of changes over time.

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    The Time is Now!

    Healthy nutrition starts with a committment to yourself. Your menopause journey is a time to reflect on where you are in your life and how well you take care of yourself. Your changes in physiology and your new sensitivities to your environment will teach you a new route of self care.